Two Rooms

Two seemingly identical spaces containing similar sets of furniture and effects are located at either corner of a large black rectangular box. There is a space within the box between the two rooms which separates them and gives added weight, density and enigma to the object.

Each room is physically the same size but the floorboards run in different directions making one space feel more open and the other more enclosed.

One room is painted pale pink, the other pale grey. There is a spotlight shining through the window of the pink room casting a shadow on the wall inside.

There are many subtle differences between the two sets of objects and their relative positions in the rooms.

The two identical tape recorders have 3 minute tape loops playing, arranged in sequence: the sound of birds twittering in the pink room for 1 minute interrupted by a telephone ringing in the grey room for 25 seconds, followed by a 35 second silence, then the sound of a train passing at speed in the grey room, another 30 second silence, and the birds again in the pink room. The sounds shift attention from one space to the other.

(Institute of Modern Art Brisbane 1979)