Time Trace 4

This work consisted of seven separate elements presented together:
A 6' x 10' picture of mountains made of layered painted newspaper.
A wooden bar revolving at one r.p.m. with an electric bulb burning at one end and a black counter balance at the other.
Shelves placed next to the mountain picture on which a series of objects, all collected from the same valley in Scotland, are presented at positions corresponding to those in which they were found in the landscape.
A fulcrum with a piece of driftwood balanced on it.
A bridge, large enough to walk along, with the letters A at one end and B at the other,
A clump of grass growing with the skull of sheep placed next to it above a photograph of a dead sheep rotting in a bog and the following text under glass in front of it:
Mountains, rivers, summits and sources, peaks and pools.