Time Passing

BBC2 1992
A series of six ten minute films taking at atmospheric sideways glances at how we experience the way time passes:

ONE YEAR is an anecdotal study of the miracle of growth and the
extraordinary developments that take place in the first twelve
months of a child's life.

WEDDING DAY explores two seemingly opposed temporal events; the
repetitive process and the life changing moment in a light
hearted study of a day at a register office.

NINE O'CLOCK reminds us that things we regard as constant are
really in a continual state of flux as we follow a man through
seasonal and other changes in his surroundings on his daily walk to

THE TIDE compares geological, architectural and human time scales
as a replica of an elderly lady's bungalow is built by children on
a sandcastle on the beach below it and then swept away by the sea.

EIGHT MINUTES highlights the subjective nature of the way we
perceive time - in eight one minute films shot in very different

THE PAST considers memory by drawing a parallel between the making
of a film and the living of a life as an old man relives his life
via his own movies.