Rain Hut & Bell Tower

RAIN HUT (images 1 to 4)

A piece of work to be seen as well as heard. It can only be completely heard when the noise around it stops, however it is possible to be caught in a rainstorm in a noisy place. This piece is a synthesis of sounds connected with rain and water generally, not easily described in words: drip drip, pitter patter, plop, splash etc., and it provides an actual sensation which has always sent a shiver down my spine whether in bathroom, bus shelter, shed or tent. It isolates a specific sensation rather than a time or place, and tends to induce nostalgia.

Water is taken from a tap into a garden hose, then into a punctured pipe out of which it spills onto a polythene roof, drips off onto a corrugated iron ledge, and falls into a tank. It is drained from the tank by another pipe and disappears down an ordinary drain. Water splashes from the roof and some of it is caught by a piece of steel which runs into the tank. The steel rusts. Other splashes are caught by turf which glistens like grass after rain. Some splashes onto the ground. As time passes the water draws all the elements together; iron rusts, wood rots, and a weathered character develops.

Things create an atmosphere around them; light a piece of paper and immediately you have flame, smoke, heat and ashes.

BELL TOWER (images 5 - 9)

A wooden tower about 12' high with a bell at the top of it is rung by a motor at the bottom. The base of the tower is surrounded by sawdust and about a third of the way up, there is a wooden ledge on which candles are kept burning.

Bells ringing, candles burning.