A roughly made wall of corrugated iron hangs from the ceiling like a gong. In front of it a pole is lifted by a motor and periodically crashes against it, setting off a chain of photographic flashes.

Beyond is an open sided eastern looking building, arranged like a small restaurant, raised slightly off the ground. From pipes suspended above it water periodically falls.

There are two bowls on one table. On the other sits a solitary glass.

On a box on top of a formica table stands a color TV set which repeats a degraded image of a large car drawing up and several important looking people disembarking.

The building is lit by flickering fluorescent lights and there is a ceiling fan, moving slowly, suspended under the tin roof. Water runs from the roof into gutters, splashes and drips as the cycle continues.

Plaintive Thai music sporadically echos amongst the banging, the sounds of water, and the silences.

Twenty empty folding chairs are scattered around the outside of the building, giving the impression of a theatre after the performance is over.

On the gallery wall is a framed photograph of four cyclists battling through a rainstorm with their umbrellas up.

(Ikon Gallery Birmingham 1986 & 2014)