Entering a corridor the viewer sees a series of small glass panes set in one wall, framing photographs of an interior. The last pane presents an opening into the room itself. A scan across the room reveals...

light filtering under a closed internal door and through a frosted glass window,

outside the sash window a brick wall bathed in sodium light, a shadow falling across it,

the wardrobe mirror framing a view through the sash window to a fragment of a flashing neon sign on an external wall beyond,

a door ajar, and beyond a mirror mounted on the wall reflecting a figure walking back and forth.

The viewer reaches the end of the corridor and discovers that...

The room is incomplete. The view into it is masked merely by shutters on the inside of the partition.

A spotlight casts the shadow across the brickwork which ends where the view of it through the window finishes.

There is nothing beyond the internal window and the closed door.

The figure reflected in the mirror is a film loop projected onto a screen, but the mental image of the woman in the bathroom, remembered from the corridor, remains.

The flashing sign says CINEMA.

(Serpentine Gallery London 1983)