A Room Remembered

An approximation, built from memory, of parts of a hotel room I visited in Mexico and sensations I experienced there.

An introduction describing the journey which lead to the room, notes made there, and working drawings, are included as part of the work.

A wooden frame marking the extremities of the room supports four panels treated to resemble its surfaces.

A diagonal panel across the structure supports a piece of ceiling, a moving fan, and an electric light.

A venetian blind is hung from the structure with a photograph taken through the window of the original room presented on a stand in front of it.

Outside the structure a spot lamp dims and brightens in a 3 minute cycle. As the light dims a tape plays the sound of cicadas. For a minute the spotlight goes off, leaving the room lit only by the ceiling light next to the moving fan, which casts a flickering shadow on the walls.

Looking through a small framing device one can see the mirror on the green wall reflecting a coat hanger in the alcove and a corner of the chair..... just what I had noted whilst in the room.

(Serpentine Gallery London 1976)